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Doesn’t seem to be any thing posted on the old threads since '21 so I started a new thread.

The stores here have undergone major changes since first opening about 5 or 6 years ago. Latest reorganization of the layout has the produce section up front (where it should be!!) and some what enlarged. There are definitely more and more name brand products, more products overall, more cheeses, prepared dips and so on.

This time I saw Rao Marinara, $6.54, same price as HEB and WM, I think. On the other hand California Olive Ranch Everyday, which they used to carry, has long since disappeared (in favor of one of their own brands, I guess)

My trip before last week was the first in months and I happened upon frozen Louisiana meat pies, like the famous ones from Lasayonne’s in Nachitoches. I bought a box (4 pies, $5.59 as I recall - can’t find my receipt).

Bake or deep fry only. Mildly spicy. Very good.

Not as well-filled as the pictures but a generous amount of filling.

There’s no mention of Batavia IL on the label - this is a name brand product.

I looked for them on a visit last week but did not find them. I was there about 12:30 pm on Wednesday, when the circular week begins and their ‘while supplies last’ specials run. I got there in time to pick up some of the Steelhead trout for the first time. Will have to look for that elsewhere and see how prices range. Really liked it.

There were a couple of stockers working furiously and at least a third of the upright freezer cabinets were virtually completely empty so that may be why they didn’t have them.

They may be regional only or limited time.


Not sure where “here” is in the first post, but here in central NJ, the produce has always been at the front of all three stores nearest me. I am also seeing more name brands: Campbell’s soup (3 kinds), Cafe Bustelo coffee, Jumex nectar, Jarritos soda, … I’m glad about the sou; Shoprite discontinued their store brand and Aldi is now about 40% cheaper on Campbell’s. On the other hand, they seem to have discontinued salmon burgers and vegan meatballs, and possibly the 12" pizzas.

I also see empty freezer cabinets here. Once they said they had had a power failure and lost a !ot of stuff, but that can’t have happened this many times, so I think it’s supply chain issues. At Shoprite they have signs saying that, and they move from item to item from week to week, so I tend to believe them.

Anyway, Aldi may be in transition – just like the rest of us.

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Here is Houston, SE Texas. There are a lot of Louisiana expats here and lots of Cajun cuisine - more so even than in other parts of TX which is why I thought the meat pies might be available only regionally.

I have noticed the Campbell’s but hadn’t checked the prices. They have added lots more Mexican products since opening, name-brand and store lines.

I’ve been in 4 stores locally and the produce was originally at the right rear of the stores in all of them.

I would say they may still be adjusting to the American market and they have noted supply chain issues but I thought the fact they were still stocking up the day the circular went into effect probably was a staffing issue. Just guessing, though.

I have noticed I haven’t gotten the circular in the mail for 3 weeks now.

I prefer the lidl near me because they have more gnomes than aldi but I was at the grim joyless state store today and since the aldi was next door I decided to check for spring gnomes just like any normal person would. I just wanted some bread but wandered a bit too deep into the store. A manager told a group of three that the butter on sale was limited to four per family pet day, and they could not just buy four butters over and over again. He was firm but polite. I bought a pound of salted butte
r. It was a very good price. I did my classic aldi ploy. Park far away and don’t rent a cart. This time the technique saved me. While looking for the gnomes that were obviously hiding from me, little sneaks, I saw a lightweight dutch oven with a tempered glass lid with a handle I liked. It was blue, but too awkward to schlep without a cart. I need another dutch oven like a hole in the head. Please please I hope I don’t decide to return tomorrow and park closer. #iamsoweak


No Lidls here yet but I know the problem of impulse buying. Took me several years to have some control of it at TJ’s. Aldi is becoming more and more a store I could do almost all my basic shopping at.

Thanks for the reply. I am new here and frankly astounded by the fast reply. My lidl fb board is very popping and the mod is so cool. Even she defects for a quick aldi shop sometimes. I was eyeing the soon to be gone legs of lamb at aldi today. Unseasoned and seasoned. Well do I know thrill and danger of impulse buying We are allowed to mention aldi on the lidl board so I get a lot of info there. Both aldi and lidl shoppers call the middle aisles The Aisle of Shame. Love the look of those meat pies. A place in south miami used to sell Jamacian meat pies. So good. Stewed goat too. My deepest fantasy is for aldi an lidl to sell beer and wine here in Penna. #sigh

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How did civilization last so long without coming up with pancake puffs before?

P.S. Its not an Aldi store brand so they’re available elsewhere. Anybody have any experience with the brand or this product?

They’re not just a regional offering apparently.

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ZOMG OMG OMG: German week this week, and they got Erdnussflips aka “peanut puffs.”

If you’ve never had them, you should.


I use to contribute to the older Aldi threads, but took a break for awhile and had no idea there was a 2022 thread. Haven’t been since right before the Pandemic. Will have to remedy that in the next couple weeks. And will definitely report back.:slightly_smiling_face:

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Are these like the Israeli snack Bamba?

Hopefully much better. The German brands of peanut puffs have more crunch & a lot more pronounced roasted peanut flavor than Bamba.

Today’s haul. I apologize for the glare. I got Priano rigatoni, the infamous peanut puffs (which will be sampled soon), spreadable peppercorn & parmesan cheese, frozen breaded shrimp with creamy jalapeño filling, real pumpernickel and sunflower seed breads, and three kinds of cookies: salted caramel French butter cookies, lemon & almond French butter cookies, “coconut dip” cookies - all three of which are for my PIC’s afternoon coffee. Think he’s set for a while :smiley:

I already tried the sunflower seed bread, which is sadly dried out. That’s been my experience with breads imported from Germany - Wegmans carries them sometimes. Perhaps a quick trip to the MW might moisten them up a bit. The peppercorn parmesan cheese spread was also nothing to write home about, but it might make for a quick & lazy pasta or veg sauce.


A ‘yay’ for the Calabrian pepper & smoked mozza ravs (not pictured, earlier haul). I don’t think they’re available at all times, tho.

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Read about this salad dressing snafu, might be relevant to some Aldi shoppers here:

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So… the peanut puffs are the real deal. If you love peanut snacks I recommend you hop on it before they are gone.

The goat cheese & caramelized onion ravs were too sweet for my taste.

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I haven’t seen these but the waffle thing sounds good.

My random bounty from Aldi today. Curious about the crab & shrimp ravs in particular. The waffles with dark chocolate are a favorite coffee treat of mine from Germany, the almond cookies are for my PIC’s coffee treat. The lemongrass paste will feature in tonight’s dinner. The B&J was about $3 cheaper than at Wegmans, and the lox is a standard purchase at Aldi for me :slight_smile:


Our first trip to Aldi in (2 1/2 !) years. I know prices have shot up everywhere else, but I still had it in my mind that Aldi would be lagging behind like the old days.Of course that wasn’t the case. Picked up a couple of specialty cheeses, asparagus, frozen stuffed ravioli, peanut butter cookies, cocktail peanuts, olives and Tranquillity trail mix with chocolate, raisins, dried cherries, walnuts and almonds.(good) . But I just couldn’t get excited about the place. I do believe my Aldi thrill is gone.

Curious how much their smoked salmon is?
I usually get TJs or Costco.