[Alderley Edge, Cheshire] Yara

Rumour has it that Yara might be in the process of opening a third branch – and, if that’s all true, then it’s going to be within walking distance of home. Fingers crossed. Until then, it’s a shortish drive to Alderley.

We ordered everything for sharing. It’s a good way with Middle Eastern food as it does mean you get to try a wider range of stuff. So, we ate:

Mouhamara – a dip sweetish from the red peppers and crushed walnuts – the latter giving it a bit of texture.

Baba ghanouj – you’d expect the predominant flavour to be smoky aubergine but, a bit oddly, it was lemon and something a tad sweet that were at the forefront. Really nice though, even if not what was expected.

Tabbouleh – lots of parsley, lots of lemon, more finely chopped walnuts, a tiny amount of bulghar wheat, some tomato and onion. A knockout version.

Loubieh – green beans in a warm tomato & garlic sauce. It pretty much did what it said on the tin.

Kebab – a main course affair – one skewer each of chicken, lamb kofta and lamb shish. We had that with really delicious mujadura – rice and lentils, topped with crispy onion. Chicken and kofta were lovely. About half the cubes of the shish were overly chewy. The other half were fine. A curate’s egg of a kebab.