[Alderley Edge, Cheshire] Oakwood

Lunch. And a much better one than the last visit (

To start for one of us, wild mushrooms on a tasty slice of sourdough toast topped with a lightly poached egg. For the other, a cheddar cheese soufflé, nice and light with breadcrumbs on the outside giving a slight crunch. A cheese sauce comes with it to make it lovely and oozy.

For mains, onglet, chips and salad. The steak only comes rare or medium rare, so those who like their meat more cooked will have to look elsewhere for a less tasty piece of meat. Chips were bog standard catering ones, the salad from a bag of mixed leaves. The other plate featured suckling pig – a couple of chunks of just cooked loin and a slice of long cooked shoulder encasing a fruit stuffing (prune ?). There’s sauté potatoes, cabbage, a nice gravy and several gooseberries making a nice, sharp change from the more usual apple.

We didn’t have dessert but coffee was good.


Sounds delicious and glad you are out and about!

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Thanks. Only another couple of weeks until I see the surgeon who, hopefully, will tell me everything is OK and I can drive again