Alcohol limoncello

What is the best limoncello out there?

“Best” is always very subjective and often so subjective that responses are meaningless. However, if you let folk know what aspects of the drink appeal to you, responses may be able to address the question. I’m afraid I can’t help at all - I havent drunk alcohol for over twenty years and, on the one occasion when I tasted limoncello (soemwhere near Naples), I just didnt like it

Welcome back, by the way.

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My own homemade is best, of course, but that site will lead you thru lots of reviews


My wife’s first attempt at limoncello made an excellent cleaning fluid. No joke, unfortunately.


I spent this evening zesting an enormous bowl full of lemons for my next batch.

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I’ve made it multiple times years ago. Using the peel of multiple meyer lemons from our tree. Ever clear as the alcohol base . It was very good . Although my favorite is melloncello . Never forget having this in Sorrento.


Right now, I’ve this bottle from Sorrento at home, with 32% of alcohol. Too sweet for my liking. I’ll try to find bottles in your link are more tart.

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Unfortunately the guy is US based so what he reviews may or may not be available for you, Naf.

When we were in France, we found a small producer from Sicily whose sister was distributing their excellent limoncello at the marché. Sadly the rules for the market did not allow higher alcohol products and she was tossed out.

I struggled to find another good one and tried making my own after one of my ex’s colleagues gave him her Sicilian grandmother’s recipe and assured me it wasnt difficult

It’s not, and my limoncello is better than most I’ve bought.

I also began experimenting and have taught myself to make other fruit liqueurs. There’s a jug of blueberry (myrtilles) resting in the pantry next to last night’s limoncello starter.

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The point is probably I haven’t tasted a limoncello I like yet. I’ll try to look at more artisanal bottles as well. My MIL prefers creme di limoncello.

Good to know this. I like everything with lemon, I might one day make it myself.

Its insanely simple. The actual hands-on time is an hour or two. Zesting the lemons is the hardest part!

I have thought about orange, pamplemousse, and lime versions. Blood orange if I can figure out how to get the fruit!

I’ve made mirabelle, quetsch, apricot, strawberry, raspberry, black berry, peach, mango, and blueberry. I still have pineapple, coffee, date, and honey on list to try

Would you share your recipe?

I am out of ideas with three lemon trees at my disposal… seems like alcohol is the obvious answer :joy:

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I second that request! :grin:

I like coffee liquor, never have thought of making it myself, now it’s tempting.

One of our local coffee roasters sells coffee syrup with a “recipe” to turn it into liqueur (basically, add vodka to syrup, chill in fridge for at least 2 days, and voila). If you can’t find coffee syrup by you, you can find it online from Dave’s Coffee in Rhode Island, since coffee milk (like chocolate milk) is I kid you not the RI state drink. And their syrup uses 100% sugar for sweetening and comes in a couple of flavors.

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Paging @Sunshine842 :slightly_smiling_face:

I just realized this afternoon that I’d forgotten to post the recipe. I’ll put it up tomorrow.


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