Albuquerque and Santa Fe

Our one stop in Albuquerque was Sadie’s, which has the absolute best salsa on earth. I had some in the bar while we waited for our table

more once we were seated

anda refill.

The salsa s very, very hot, but very very flavorful.
Also had green chile cheese enchiladas with their great potatoes and some beans I don’t remember being on the platter long ago

The green chiles at Sadie’s are sensational. Nancy loved her green chile stew

with very good corn tortillas.
Nancy couldn’t handle the salsa – she dipped her fork in and tasted it and went right to the water. (She wa avoiding the chips). She commented that see usually doesn’t agree when people say foods are spicy, but the chiles at Sadie’s definitely are spicy.

More to follow from Santa Fe.



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We’re currently in NM (already passed through ABQ, Ruidoso, Las Cruces, TorC, and Jemez Springs) and will be spending five more nights in a combination of Cuba, Taos, and Santa Fe. Lots of great food to report so far, and there will be more! I’ll do a rundown when we get back.


Another one from Santa Fe – this time not green Chile-focused. Casa Sena is just off the square on a lovely courtyard.

which gets lovelier at night.

It’s fine dining place. We had an appetizer of dips – hummus, eggplant, and piquillo almond, the two latter outstanding. Hummus was good.

Nancy had branzino.

while I had pork osso. buco

Both were delicious, complex and beautifully balanced.
For those planning a trip, we stayed at La Posada, a quiet and relaxed oasis just 3 blocks from the square. More details on my eponymous blog, of course.