Albarino in Shrewsbury

I don’t know when lamb chops became a precious metal, but that’s prob what took your mixed grill over the top price wise. Here in KC an order of 2 2-bone chops runs $44 and comes with nothing.

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I’m sorry but this is just a ripoff for $46. But they play to the area’s clientele so it’s really not a surprise. My favorite mixed grill in the area by far is at the Greek Spot in Red Bank across from the wawa. You get a mountain of meat plus two sides for under $40. Can’t beat it.


I’ll just leave this here on the lamb chop conversation:

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Went to Albariño a few weeks ago (Father’s Day weekend) before watching a show at Count Basie. It’s kind of a last minute thing so did not do any research or planning; didn’t realize there’s a thread here on HO. Anyway we seated at the high top table near the bar around 4:30pm to take advantage of the happy hour menu. Happy Hour price is now $7 for drinks and selected tapas (not much to choose from really ). We had meatballs, ceviche, paella, potato bravas and a burger. I thought the food was great and I really liked the paella.


I’m on Albarino’s mailing list and just got this note today:

Join us to welcome the newly installed outpost of Teresa’s Pizzeria & Wine Bar at Albariño! For over 30 years, Teresa’s Pizzeria & Wine Bar has offered artisanal pizzas and pastas to the Princeton community. Due to popular demand, we will open a second location at Albariño, in Shrewsbury starting Wednesday April 12th.

They’re having a very reasonably priced (imo) Spanish/Italian wine tasting as a kickoff ($22pp).


Did it explain if they are expanding or converting existing space over to the pizza concept?

It sounds to me like an expansion within the restaurant, even though I thought it was odd.

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seemed like they converted existing space. When you walk in, the kitchen is right in front and it looks like seating is on the left.