Albarino in Shrewsbury


The socarrat!!! YUM.

(Not to be confused with the baccarat.) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(David) #22

We had Christmas Eve dinner there last night. To be sure, the place is pricy, but no more so than many other local places.

The good news is that we shared a special paella for three. There was more than enough food for the six of us with that and some appys. The cooking bowl it was served in reminds me of the pic that @BossaNova posted. It was chock full of steak and pork belly and other meats and some veggies and the bottom was as good as I’ve had outside Spain. Three cheers for the socarrat-ic method!

I’m really looking forward to having the scant leftovers for lunch today.

(Junior) #23

I was there the night before I had the mixto platter (3 meats and cheese and honestly very well worth the $18 price) and the boneless rib eye (special). The steak was only 12 oz., I ordered it medium and it was well. Mixed review for me but I should have knowing better than ordering a steak here, let alone a 12oz rib eye.

I gotta try that paella!


Good to hear Seal. I haven’t had paella in a while. I might have to give this a shot soon but I think Flames is on my list first…hopefully this week.

Jr, 12Oz ribeye? Come on man lol…you need to go and try to dust off that 60oz at marbelo. I may give it a go just go fun. I won’t finish it but it seems like a good time. Merry Christmas buddy. I think I’m gaining about ten pounds this week :smile:

(Jeff) #25

I have to get there and try that paella


Sounds like a HO down throw down to me.

(David) #27

Speaking of ribeye specials, they had one last night for $135 for this monster here. We didn’t get it but it was tempting.


Was the restaurant fully booked? I’m having trouble getting a read on how popular it is. When I drive through the parking lot, it always looks empty. Should I wait or should I go?

(Junior) #29

So unfair. Here was that steaks red-headed step child. They cooked the shit out of this, but given it’s size it’s hard not to.


We went yesterday for a late lunch. The space is beautiful. They were super accommodating by seating us at a big table for the high chair so we could spread out. The service was great and we hung out for a while. We didn’t feel like we were being rushed at all.

We ordered: shishito peppers (nice to still see on a menu still. Very tasty), empanadas (I don’t know why I even order these anymore. My sister makes the most insane empanadas and I am always disappointed when they aren’t as good as hers), crispy eggplant with rosemary and honey (quite tasty but a little bit too oily for my taste), the pork belly/brussel sprouts/egg combo (we didn’t have the issue with the pork belly being all fat, but the egg was quite borderline on being TOO soft cooked). All in all, a few minor flaws here and there but the food was all delicious and the service was on point. We will be back.

(Junior) #31

Just returned from my 3rd trip here after a very miserable 2nd solo trip probably a year + ago. Arrived 7:15 on Friday and grabbed the last 2 seats at the bar. While the bat was full the restaurant was 90% full, nothing crazy.

Honestly it was the best experience yet! Service was a little slow with the bar full but the food was great. We had the pork belly, this time nice and meaty with the delicious fat. Perfect combination and it was great with the Brussels sprouts and soft boiled egg.

Paella Valencia was very good. Prepared “well-done” meaning the rice was burnt to the pan, you literally had to scrape it off the pan. A bit off putting for the rice to be burnt but delicious! Shrimp, clams, mussels, chicken and sausage were sufficient but not overwhelming, lobster is an up charge. While this order is for two it is the size of a single order at Fernandez which includes half a lobster.

Honestly a nice meal and one that will lead me to try again sooner than later!


For some reason I have no desire to try this place. Now I might after you gave it a thumbs up.

you’re right on fernandes. I’ve only had it at 2, not 3. I like Costa Verde paella but like the Mariscada even better there.