Alameda: East Ocean Seafood - new dim sum

EOS has done a minor remodeling update and it looks much more attractive. Their dim sum continues to be very good, and they have become our preferred dim sum EBay restaurant.

A couple of new dim sum deserve comment at East Ocean Seafood/Alameda:

Portuguese egg tarts (Pastéis De Nata). Just as EOS’s dan tat is not quite traditional in its crust, so are their pastéis de nata. Instead of a puff pastry, they use the flaky lard pastry normally used for dan tat. It’s an interesting switch, and makes it easy to identify their versions from any other restaurant or bakery (EOS uses a thin shortbread crust for their dan tat).

But the critical point is the filling. EOS’ dan tat custard is good, not great; but the Portuguese egg tart has a truly sublime custard filling. It uses only egg yolks – rich and yet light, barely sweetened with a delicate, creamy texture that makes the dan tat seem pedestrian.

We’re custard lovers, and we adored these. We hope they continue to offer them on a permanent basis, as there isn’t anything like them at other dim sum restaurants we’ve visited.

Pumpkin Puffs With Mochi Dough, Deep Fried. Tasty but a little too big. 3 to a plate but the size is bigger than a softball! Also fairly greasy (which is typical for this dough). They’re good, but just too large. A better choice are the similar pumpkin puffs available at Sichuan Fusion restaurant, inside the 99Ranch/Pacific East Mall in Richmond. SFR’s puffs are perfect little two-bit sizes, and look exactly like cute miniature orange pumpkins, complete with rind grooves.