Alabama Barbeque


A nice overview of Q in Alabama.


Quite a while ago after a daylong meeting and with time tight, our host disappeared for a minute; he returned with two styrofoam carriers from Dreamland! (The bottle we brought must been a hit?) The flights home from Birmingham were unbearable – thinking about the contents of the boxes under the seat that would not be revealed until arriving home.


Cool article. I’ve never had a white BBQ sauce. In fact, I don’t think I’ve even seen one here in nj.

(Jimmy ) #4

Nice read w/ pics.

Could have been oh, say, 3,000 words more… :yum:


Fred is a cool guy. I know him from Roadfood.
You can find his musings on Southern Foodways, and other locations.


My wife is from Birmingham. Have eaten at Saws, Miss Myra’s and Johnny Rays. It’s all good. Just give me decent smoked meat and I’m happy