Al Aseel [Houston, Texas]

Today, I met DimSumGirl and her hubby at Al Aseel at 8619 Richmond between Hillcroft and Fondren.

I had heard of it in reference to the amazing fried chicken, but had never been. DSG had heard of the amazing lamb chops and asked me to meet them there during their brief visit to Houston.

So I did.

The fried chicken is crispy and juicy and just delicious.

But “Oh the Lamb Chops…”

Grilled over a wood fire, delicately seasoned and cooked to absolute perfection. I will dream of lamb chops tonight.

As you can see, both were served with rice and cucumber salad. We also had a nice appetizer plate with various dips, (babaganoush, hummus, and two others, and some beautiful hot sauce that they graciously packed to go for me), bread of course…

Very excellent, very inexpensive and the owner, his wife and staff could not have been nicer or more welcoming. I promised they would see me again, and they will. A true gem. Give them your business. I demand that you do.

Hopefully, DSG will pop in to give us her take, but I can tell you in advance that they liked it as well. Thanks to her for prompting me to visit this place just 1600 miles from her, but only ten minutes from me!

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Oh, lovely. Mr. Lambsy loves lamb chops. This will definitely be in our future.I recall several discussions about the chicken at Al Aseel. I guess DSG isn’t staying the weekend? Too bad, they could join us at BBQ Inn.

No, they leave early on Saturday unfortunately.

They have plans to come back in a few months though. We should plan something for then. They’re wonderful people… you know, for Californians.


The chops were wonderful. I think there’s only three chops showing in the picture. The order came with five but two disappeared before I could get my camera phone out.

(One of them into “ME”.)

Hi Texans!
The meal at Al Aseel was great and we can’t wait to get back there again. The fried chicken is what they are known for but the lamb chops were the standouts. Having tasted those, I’m interested in trying the kabobs and other things that are grilled. The Chinese interview that I saw also said that the quail was also very good. We saw the platter that went to a nearby table and the quail was also featured on that platter. I can’t wait to get back there again!

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I’ve been back twice since that first visit with the DSGs.

The first time back was with my li’l bro, OBD. We ordered the exact same thing, lamb chops and a whole fried chicken. I think he took a chop home and I took a breast, but we ate everything else.

The second time back I went with my usual lunch chum and I made him order the chops and I tried something new, the chicken kabob.

Again, excellent. It’s a great place. The decor and furniture are “dated”; this is not a fancy place at all. But the food is great, the people are very nice and the service is … uhm… relaxed. I suggest you be relaxed too and enjoy some quality food. :wink:

Last night, I also went to Al Aseel. As it was late, I decided to eat light so I ordered a falafel sandwich and a pot of tea. All was good, even the zaatar pita which I ordered as a chaser, though it was a bit greasy.

I will not go back, not because of the service, which was ok, but because of the elderly guy with white hair who stood behind the cash register, energetically (and thoroughly) picking his nose. The gang of cooks also put me off with their various shenanigans of self hair grooming, ear massaging, nose pulling, etc. Not a one of these food handlers could keep their hands off themselves. Not a one of them had plastic gloves on. Obviously, not a one of them gave shit.

It would have been fine, I suppose, if they had done these things in the kitchen and out of my site, but no, they just had to do them in full view of the diners, and then handle MY food. Ugh.

Well that sucks. I can’t say I’ve ever seen that anywhere.

(Note to self: Do not invite Avi over for dinner!)

(Note to self: If invited, get the HAZMAT suit out of the cleaners!) :yum:

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And then there’s the fried chicken at Himalaya

Eric Sandler of Culture Map

Actually, looks pretty greasy, but I’d try it.

Is that on the menu?? When I go to Himalaya, we get a table full of food for a group of about 6, don’t know that I’ve ever scrutinized the menu. Next time this will be on the table.

Oh, dear, that is discouraging. I recall someone over at CH, can’t remember who, had a large bone to pick with MAX’s Wine Dive for the same reason. Does anyone else get irritable when the grocery sacker licks his fingers to pry open those plastic bags?

Sandler says it’s an occasional thing, may want to call first.

I use self-scan almost exclusively. If there are any errors in scanning (and there are occasionally) or sacking, I know who to blame!

From Houstonia.

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