**" AKA-ONI, Richmond Hill "** - Popular Izakaya offering more than above average food and boasting the largest selection of Sake in town!

This popular eating establishment must be one of the busiest ‘chow-joint’ in the GTA right now. Trying to grab a table by simply walking-in is an impossibility even during weekdays’ off-hours. Our reservation tonight was a super-early 5.30 pm seating. With that, we were reminded twice by serving staffs that our session was limited to only 1.5 hours!

In addition to boasting a large and varied menu that includes some interesting cooked food using exotic ingredients like Uni ( BC, Boston and Hokkaido Bofun ), Foie Gras, Wagyu Beef, Alaskan King crab…etc, raw food (sushi/sashimi), fried food ( Tempura ), Yakitori/ charbroiled skewers, Ramen, rice bowls…etc. The place also boasted having the largest selection of priced Sake in town!
Overall price point was slightly above average but so was the generous food portions.

We ordered the following for our party of four:

  • Aka-Oni Sashimi platter tray ( good and generous selection, pristine fresh products )
  • Shrimp and veggie Tempura ( lovely light and delicate batter )
  • Yakitori and Charbroiled skewers ( Thick Angus beef tongue, Chicken Soft bone, Chicken thighs…etc )
  • Angus beef rolls with Enoki mushrooms, Teriyaki glaze.
  • Baked Hokkaido Scallops, Crab meat and Cream sauce
  • Grilled, special, day-old marinated Mackerel
  • Complimentary House Salad; Yuzu or Black Sesame ice-cream

Overall, a most satisfying and enjoyable meal featuring some commendable dishes ( Sashimi tray, Baked Scallops, Tempura and Grilled Mackerel…etc ) with very few, negligible flaws ( grilled and charbroiled meat products not hot enough due to partially cooked to save time?? )

Lots more interesting dishes to try-out on our next visits