‘ AKA-ONI Ramen, Izakaya & Sake Bar, Richmond Hill ‘ - Frequently overlooked, seldomly disappoints! ( Dinner review )

It never ceases to amaze me as to why this super busy and popular Richmond Hill Japanese eatery has constantly been overlooked when the topic of note-worthy Izakaya was being discussed. Featuring one of the largest selections of Sake in town, this buzzing and intimate eating house also features a vast and diverse menu. Offering a whole slew of favorite Japanese casual fare, these range from Yakitoris and Skewers to Sushi/Sashimi to fried and baked dishes to Ramen and Dons. As well, daily specials using special exotic ingredients, air freight from Japan, such as Hokkaido Uni, Abalone and Kinki fish from Japanese water, A5 Japanese Wagyu….etc were separately listed. Despite its huge offering of different food repertoires and dishes, the skilled kitchen managed to maintain and deliver across the entire spectrum, an extremely high standard of cooking.

Tonight’s standout dishes extend from start to finish. They include the sashimi platter, featuring some impeccably fresh and generously portioned seafood selection. The bowl of rich and creamy butter infused Tonkotsu Ramen with, again, generous slices of Char-Siu and a top-notched flavorful broth. The nicely charred and tender Angus steak and Ox-tongue skewers were exemplary…may be the best I have tasted in town, including Zakkushi! The medium rare interior was moist and juicy, the caramelized exterior, well glazed with thick and delectable Teriyaki sauce. The multi-dimensional ‘ Oyster Bomb ‘ Maki features layers of flavor and texture, resulting in a most enjoyable mouth-feel.

Service was friendly and attentive.

Overall, a most delightful dining experience.

BTW, on busy weekends, all tables are assigned only an hour and a half time limit!


Largest sake selection in town? Count me in! But hopefully those bottles on display are empty ones… otherwise that’s the worst possible way to store sake.