AI takes on the stereotyping of Americans


Almost everyone has their mouths open and look crazy…or they’re super-serious and STILL look maniacally crazy.

Indiana looks like Children of the Corn.
No freaking idea what New Hampshire is eating.
Oregon doesn’t seem too far off. :wink:
Neither does Rhode Island.
Utah is just f***ing scary. Especially since I can’t figure out if there’s supposed to be a mother in that picture.
Virginia cracked me up as I scrolled to it.
And Wyoming looks like a young Dennis Quaid.


OMG these are hilarious. Stolen and shared. I love MD with the guy practically drowning in crabs IN HIS CAR.

But impossible to pick favorites, truly.


I see no lies here.

I especially like North Dakota and South Dakota.

A lot of the food is… disturbing. Looking at YOU, Missouri.


So you’re not a que fan?

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I’m sure I had a beer once with the guy from Arkansas.

I want to live. So I never want to encounter the folks from Indiana. Scary, scary peeps…

No joke, but the guy from Kentucky reminds me of my pal, Paul, who practices law in Lexington, KY

Vermont. How the heck did they get hold of my photo?


Did we really need AI to tell us that?

What’s next? Asking ChatGPT if water is, indeed, wet?


I have been to the lower 48 and been a resident of twelve or so. These all seem pretty accurate. Of course a lot of it depends on whether you are talking urban or small town/country. Most urban guys in Texas these days are out of date grungy hipsters or models for dad jeans.


So… white, then.

And male. At least according to AI.

I don’t know how I missed this article, it’s hilarious. I proudly wear my plaid shirt. And that is probably a Pendelton blanket she has over her shoulders.