Agricola - Princeton NJ

Was surprised not to find a pre-existing thread from this restaurant. Had a very nice dinner here this past Friday. They don’t take reservations for outdoor seating and was advised to come early and see what was available. Fortunately there was quite a few tables outside available and we were seated immediately. Tables were comfortable and cleaned, which is not a guarantee these days where establishments are haphazardly putting together some kind of outdoor seating.

Food was great fresh and well prepared!
Appetizers were Wild Mushroom Pate ( excellent!!) and a pepperoni flat bread
Entrees were Pork Shank, Tilefish, fried chicken (moist) and sweet corn Ravioli.
For Desserts we shared strawberry shortcake and carrot cake (both really good) Everything was delivered professionally by our server Matt.

I def recommend especially if your looking for a nice restaurant with outdoor options.

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From the name, I rather hoped it would be the food of ancient Rome. Or, maybe, the food of ancient Britain.