Agonda Beach Resort - Agonda, Goa -India-

This is by the looks of it a very new place on Agonda beach. The Nepalese guy running it was very friendly and we frequented it mainly for drinks but did eat there once. The missus and I shared a daal which was pleasant enough, though lacking any real oomph and the rotis were so so. Also we tried the pork vindaloo brought some tough pieces of pork in a fragrant sauce with just the right amount of chilli heat and tang from the vinegar but they’d overdone the cardamom.
The evening after we returned for our usual sunset beer and tried their masala papads as a snack. These were a revelation. Crisp papads topped with tomatoes, chilli, coriander and red onion. They were really fresh and vibrant and put me in mind of fresh Mexican flavours rather than India.

Masala Papads


One of my local places does mini-papads topped with those items. I understand what you mean about Mexican flavours

I make masala papads at home as a late night snack or appetizers for friends when they come over for dinner.

Yes, Indian food shares many common flavors with Mexican food. I sometimes make fusion food and use my Indian leftovers to make Mexican favorites for a change of pace:

Chole/Chana --> Chana Tostadas (mash the chana slightly)
Rajma --> Bean Burritos
Chicken Curry --> Chicken Quesadillas with Raita dipping sauce