AGO Bistro acquires Kibo Secret Garden chef

Given Paul Kim’s history, I’m surprised to find that at AGO he’s a sous. Sounds like a place I’ll need on my to-do list.


A huge difference between managing/owning a place and just working there.
His food has been outstanding (particularly at Doma) but the “organization” was inconsistent.
Coincientally, I was at AGO Bistro yesterday. Much more consistent - good food, without the ‘fireworks’. I didn’t notice Paul in the kitchen (but I wasn’t looking).


Huh, would be interested to see how Kibo Secret Garden fares after the departure. It has only been on my screen due to elvisahmed’s posts and I peeked at their Winterlicious menu recently. I’ll probably press pause for now. AGO has had some pretty good chefs. Not a food destination per se but pretty damn good for a gallery. We enjoyed Anne Yarymowich’s simple but sublime seafood dishes when she was at the helm.


Oh bummer I think I need to find out sooner rather than later how’s Kibo Secret Garden faring after the move. Will try soon and report back :slight_smile: