Agi's Counter - Brooklyn

I was in New York City last weekend for a wedding, and had the chance to eat brunch at Agi’s Counter. I booked the table well in advance (basically the day the reservation became available), and we were not disappointed.

We shared:
• Broiled grape fruit with sweet toast and salty yogurt spread
• Spanakopita babka (served toasted)
• Platter with smoked trout salad, smoked salmon, vegetables and toast
• Hungarian crepes with pineapple and cream
• A chocolate/rye/caraway cookie
• Various coffee drinks

Everything was delicious (though one dining companion disliked the caraway in the cookie), and the restaurant had a nice cheerful vibe on a cloudy Saturday morning. It was a little bit pricey for brunch (especially given there was no alcohol), but food quality made it worthwhile.

Dave MP