Aghoo's Kitchen makes the best Northern Beijing (style) Green Onion Sesame Bread

Even during the Halcyon days of China Islamic, that restaurant couldn’t hold a candle to Aghoo’s version of Green Onion Sesame Bread.

Aghoo’s Kitchen
9406 Las Tunas Dr
Temple City, CA 91780


Hi @ipsedixit ,

Yes! :slight_smile: Totally agree. We loved it as well. Thanks.

The only issue is, what else do you order there? We’ve been twice, love the bread, but the other dishes we ordered were ~OK. Any recommendations?

You order other stuff there? :thinking:


Looks significantly crispier, lighter and less dense than the version we had at Mas Islamic.

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They serve a very good hot and sour soup in a generous portion. They throw a large handful of cilantro on top, which adds a very appealing note.

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Hi @ipsedixit ,

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OK, good to know. Thanks. :slight_smile: