Agave Restaurant, Elko

OK, its Northern Nevada, even if its a loonnggg way from the Bay Area:-)

Anyway, I have been intrigued by the look of this new restaurant on Silver Street (just next door to the Star, so everyone in town will know where it is:-). Decided to check it out today, and it did not disappoint. First of all, the place is huge (much bigger than it looks from the outside). It looks like there is a room in back that would be good for parties (just in time for the holidays!). And yes, there is a bar…

But it was lunchtime and I was working, so no drinks other than coffee. And the coffee was made the Mexican way, with a touch of cinnamon. Yum. There is no separate lunch menu, so at first glance it seemed a bit pricey for lunch, but given the quality and quantity of food Agave did not disappoint.

There are many seafood options, and I was tempted to get the ceviche or the Huachinango a la Veracruzano, but I am a little weary of seafood in Elko so decided to taste the freshness of a meat item first. I probably shouldn’t have worried…my first hint that they care about quality was when the waitress brought me a new cup of coffee and said “I just brewed a fresh pot and thought you would like it” (I’m still buzzing…and love the cinnamon…).

When I noticed they had chilis rellenos con picadillo I couldn’t resist. After all, its hard to find a chili relleno any more that isn’t (over) stuffed with cheese. Yum. The filling had just the right bite, the chilis were fork-tender, and they were sauced with a very light brothy tomato sauce and best of all, not a trace of cheese anywhere, not even on top! That’s how I remember chilis rellenos in Mexico City, and it was exactly what I was hoping for. The entrée was served on a separate platter, and you can choose two sides from about six options (so you don’t HAVE to get the standard rice and beans). I had the soup as a side, and it was served as a first course…a cup of posole. Quite tasty, and even though it was technically a side and a small cup it still came with the typical side garnish of radishes, cabbage, and onions…as well as a lime wedge. My only complaint is that there was one HUGE hunk of meat in the pozole, and it was difficult to eat out of the “cup.” (plus that meant not much room left for the tasty broth). But the meat was tender at least…

For my other side I had the Agave potatoes, basically home fries but with rajas and queso mixed in. Not typical “Mexican” but again, freshly prepared and tasty.

Lunch including tax and tip was about 15 dollars. My only question is whether I will be able to stay awake for the rest of my work day after all of that food…If you’re in Elko, check it out. They deserve to succeed. I’m going back (maybe this weekend for a date night with DH:-) to try the Huachinango…


I’m lazy :frowning: How far from Reno to Elko please? Also I need to start posting about Reno/Tahoe. I was so unmotivated on CH. Thanks for the nudge.

4 hours 290 miles according to google.

A few years back, I had a fun time at the family-style Basque restaurant, The Star. Thanks for letting us know about Agave!

Yikes! It’s obviously not a day trip. Thanks, b.

I’ve driven that road, and my new car, “little red”, would be happy to do it in less than three hours.
But… I’m not coming from reno… Road trip!
Elko has a nice runway, some commercial air service… perhaps best for anyone looking to get some hours for their license.