Against food waste, a first solidarity fridge installed in Paris

This initiative can be an interesting idea, especially personally I find it difficult to finish everything in my fridge before leaving for vacation. Although I do not totally agree as shown on the photo that beer was in the fridge. What other moves have you seen against food waste?

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Not so much for waste, but I read an article a few months ago that in Dubai, someone (or a company, don’t remember) had put out refrigerators during Ramadan in outdoor locations so that people could put food items in them, and those less fortunate could come and take some food to break their fast with.


A supermarket in the UK is selling dry goods such as rice, pasta and crisps for up to a month after the best before date for 10p. Apparently it’s proving very successful.


This “best before shops” exist in France too, I saw that on TV.