After dinner dessert places [Downtown Toronto]

One of our regular dilemmas is where to go for dessert if the place we’re dining at doesn’t have any appealing options. I’m talking after 8pm and just for desserts. Some of the places mentioned in Recommended Desserts Toronto & GTA - #117 by Phoenikia aren’t opened that late let alone have a place for hanging out and shooting the breeze. The options downtown seem limited in this respect compared to the burbs. We usually go to Dessert Kitchen on Harbord, Dolce Gelato or Demetres on Danforth, or Eataly. But are there any other places with good desserts where the waitstaff won’t look at you funny if everyone just want dessert?


I haven’t tried Dessert Fox on Bloor in Koreatown. It is open until 9:30 pm some nights.

Bakerbots (no seating) is open until 9 pm some nights.

Maybe Carole’s Cheesecake? I’ve never been.

Eataly closes at 10 pm.

7 West (I don’t like it that much, but I was there for late night dessert at decade ago)

I would feel comfortable stopping by the Oxley and just ordering their sticky toffee pudding.

I think there are some places for dessert in Chinatown that would be open late.

In Scarborough and Markham, some Chinese dessert places are open late.

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Sugar Marmalade and Honeymoon on Spadina

Disco on Queen W

D Spot on Bay


I think the shooting at Just Desserts did a number on late night dessert shops in Toronto. I remember going to Future Bakery and Just Desserts in my teens and early 20s. I can’t say I went back to a Just Desserts location after the shooting.

Apart from the occasional gelato, or a quick stop at Bakerbots before they close, I don’t tend to go out for dessert at night these days.

Mizzica is also open until 11 pm.

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