Afro Taco truck - Newark

What I love about food boards is finding the hole in the wall places that you wouldn’t know were there unless someone told you. In that vein I’m sharing this truck that a friend told me about.

Billed as Ghana/Mexican fusion, it’s a little outside my comfort zone but I’m glad I gave it a try. Had a beef burrito, which had a real interesting flavor. Sweet, and a little spicy. Honestly I would have ordered it hotter but I’m glad that didn’t seem to be an option. Burrito was huge. Full of beef, rice, veg, beans…, and worth it for $10. If you are in the area looking for something different, this fits the bill. Today they were at 11a-2pm Bergen St. Newark NJ UMDNJ across from IHOP. I didn’t do pictures, but their IG has plenty of those, plus location info.


Wow, interesting fusion. I’ve never seen anything like this. Thanks for sharing.