Adyar Ananda Bhavan (A2B) in Herndon - Report

This large dining room was packed with Indian families for a Saturday lunch. Mostly loading up on carbs with dosai, utthapams, tiffins, breads, and various lentil dumplings. No buffet in sight.

We ordered a roast ghee dosa, ghee pongal, and bhindi masala. The curries here are prepared to order, and we were warned it would take 25 minutes for the bhindi masala.

The dosa was ok, but it was the pongal (a porridge) that was the star. So creamy and studded with seeds, nuts, and spices that made this fragrant and dazzling. Totally dreamy.

The bhindi (okra) was worth the wait. The kind of dish that might show up on a buffet, but here it is rich with complex spices and just enough heat to make it exciting.

This meal well scratched my itch for South Indian food.