Adelita [Concord MA]

Trying to catch up on restaurant reports. Nothing’s been written about Adelita yet so it’s high time. I’ve been twice in the last few months. First time was for Saturday brunch in August (GAH, I’ve typed “brunch” twice now this morning…can’t it just be “lunch” people!!!) with a bunch of cool preschool moms I hang out with, celebrating one of us who is pregnant again (good gawd, not me). Located in a little strip mall (which means different things when you’re in Concord) but inside, it feels like a party. Perfect, festive venue for our loud, chatty group. And everyone enjoyed their food. I had the fish tacos while the others had big salads with chicken, carne asada tacos, huevos of some sort. Flavors were clean and fresh, with sharp hits of citrus. Tart and refreshing house margarita on the rocks.

Second time was again Saturday brunch (I think I’ve officially given up all hope) with friends who live in Concord. They deftly handled our raucous group of 4 adults and 4 kids of varying ages and attention spans (the kids, not the adults who were very focused on the pitchers of margaritas and the food). I had a slightly different fish taco, B and friends had chilaquiles, carne asada, cactus salads, over-the-top churro waffles for the kids, beans and rice. For me, it’s always hard to keep track with group dining, but everyone enjoyed their food and importantly, it was a great time with great friends.

The kitchen just does everything well. We need to keep going to this place. But next time, I swear to you HOs, it will be for DINNER.


It’s nice place but way too pricey for lunch for me. No chips or salsa was included and neither was the rice and beans. The food was really good.

Oh, digga, I fear you may be losing it! :grinning:


Can’t you set up your word processor so that it automatically puts in “lunch” everytime you type “brunch”?


I’m going to do a “replace all.” Restaurant websites, menus, blogs. All.