Additional dining notes in Catalunya, Burgos, Galicia and Porto

A few other highlights from the first 3 weeks of our trip:

  1. Els Casals (Catalunya countryside): continues to be great for a la carte meat dishes. This time we ordered a whole guinea hen with langostine roasted in a single pan. Well worth the trip. Fall-winter offers more interesting options but the poulard stuffed with sausage and fruits is always great any time of year.

  2. Cobo Estratos (Burgos); not my favorite city in castile but now a reason to go. It has 1 sole based on its “tradition” restaurant but the new evolution menu set in a separate room, beautifully designed with only 4 tables is the reason to go. The menu takes inspiration from the excellent museum of human evolution in the city. The menu goes through five stages of human cooking from foraging to fermentation and modern techniques. Game, great seafood, excellent products all involved. Wine pairing is phenomenal. The chef explains his approach at each stage of the 5 stages of human culinary evolution.

  3. Culler de Pau (Galicia)- received 3 soles and 2 stars last year and well deserved. Continues to be our favorite high end in Galicia. Service and approach also up to the task. Always a sincere and warm hearted greeting and chat from the chef at the end . High quality products and execution for every fish.

  4. Casa Chá Boa Nove (Porto)- one of the more beautiful and dramatic restaurant settings in a tea house seemingly right on top of huge waves crashing into rocks on the coast in Porto. 2 Michelin stars. Sadly, the ingredients and execution do not merit the very high price tag. We always find better quality ingredients and tastier cooking at more traditional restaurants in Portugal and this place did not disrupt that trend. Despite a menu with 21 courses all featuring seafood the quality and freshness of the octopus and clams at Vinum in Graham’s port lodge (great view toward the city) were superior. Would not go back.


Wow, tigerjohn, you did get around!

I’ve been wondering about Cabo Estratos and its new menu (haven’t been). Nice report.

I’ve been to Casa Chá Boa Nova only once. It´s too bad that it didn’t deliver.

Thanks again for the feedback…