Add photo?

How to add photo to post?

Drag and drop.

My apologies for being stupid.
How do I ‘drag and drop’?
Can I drag from iphoto to desktop to the hungry onion post?
(thanks for the help - it works, yay)

what does this mean? my photos did not upload - did I miss a step in procedure…

Stuffed Johnnycakes with 3-pepper butter; topped with a side-order poached egg.


Click the upload icon, and it will give you the option to either drag and drop an image or upload it from your device or the web.

Hope this helps.

I did both the ‘browse’ and the ‘drag and drop’ in the upload icon.
should I hit the ‘x’ on the bottom right? I thought that means ‘close’ which would cancel the upload?
it said 100%

Huh. Maybe I’ll let Sam chime in at this point.

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I’ve noticed that sometimes the upload just freezes. when that happens, I just do it again.

If that doesn’t work, reload the page, then upload.

If that doesn’t work, clear your cache.

I tried to upload an image from my iPhone and it got rejected for being too large. Is there a way for the site to automatically resize the image rather than me doing it myself?

I think it’s supposed to resize for you. Any idea how big your pic is?

Fixed. I thought it automatically downsizes but it sometimes (or always?) fails it seems. I just upp’ed the picture limit to be 10mb. Should be enough for even the most epic food porn. Upload away.

Thanks for reporting.

Cool, thanks. There’s no reason someone would need to see my photo in its original size, 3200x 2600, but if the site can handle it without me needing to edit the picture, that makes me happy :slight_smile: