Activity at Defunct Restaurants in Monmouth County

We drove past the old Remington’s in Holmdel at Route 9 and Route 520–it looks like something is happening there. Cars parked, the back door open, and I think the shubbery/trees cleaned up,

Ruby Palace on Route 35 in Holmdel still has a big dumpster in front filled with building debris, but it looks the same as it did last week. (I don’t know why I keep hoping something as good will end up there–it will probably become another freaking pizza joint.)

There is still nothing going on at Chicken Holiday in Matawan at Route 79 and Route 516. It went dark a week or so ago, and at some point the pickup truck from the front was driven away, and there is no notice or anything about its status.

Remington’s in Holmdel is being “cleaned up” and opened by it’s own Richard, the owner of The Raven & Peach in Fair Haven. He has owned that property for the last 20 years (Or whenever Remington’s closed) and finally the town is making him do something with the property & liquor license under threat of revoking the license. The new establishment will be called The Polo Club, or something similar. There was an article about it recently and a thread on another “web-site” regarding it.

Ruby Palace, no clue.

Chicken Holiday I didn’t even know it closed.

Not sure if this is the proper place to post this, but I finally tried Koi, the recently un-defuncted Aligado, on 35. It seems to have garnered decent reviews but I was disappointed by their sushi. Both times the rice was completely unseasoned and overcooked/mushy and the fish was super fishy. Bummer as it is just down the street from my job.

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I can’t believe that it’s been nearly 4 years since the “announcement” of The Polo Club coming on Rt. 34 in Holmdel, but from what I"m told it should be open in a matter of weeks -or- the township is taking the liquor license. We will see.

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