Acronized Chicken

I recently listened to a Gastropod (podcast) episode on the rise of chicken farming/availability/popularity in America. (I highly recommend this podcast series if you have not heard of it.)

I was shocked to learn of “acronized chicken” which was the process of dunking chicken carcasses in a solution of antibiotics before they were packaged for the market. Does anyone remember acronized chicken or the shelf life of chickens before acronization?

What are your thoughts?


No ive never heard of that term. The add is a little before my time (not much based on the graphics lol). Interesting.

It is my understanding that some restaurants dunk some of their animal proteins in diluted bleach to kill bacteria. I don’t know if supermarkets or their suppliers do anything similar. It doesn’t seem to be enough to affect flavor, and since pools and municipal water supplies are treated with chlorine, I am okay with this.