acme fish friday?

I’ve always wanted to go acme’s fish friday, anyone been? I’m thinking I could take a cooler and organize an occassional HO pickup if there’s interest:


Same, but I always decide against as it’s too much of a trek for the quantity I’d buy.

I’m in on a pickup sometime if you’re kind enough to do it!

I’ve gone 10 or 12 times, always to buy salmon (etc.) to serve at my annual holiday brunch. They used to sell 1/4 lbs, and allow you to make selections in person, but starting during the pandemic their policy changed. Now fish is sold only by the pound, and you have to pre-order.

The advantage of that is that you’re in and out much faster, and you can pay by credit card (I had to find an ATM one year, when I forgot to bring cash). Also, the line is kind of fun, and it’s dirt cheap. But I like variety, and I only need one lb of salmon, so this year I went to Russ and Daughters.

A group purchase sounds like a good idea.

for me fish friday isn’t as much about saving money as sampling the broad spectrum of what’s on offer. For example, i wonder if the quality of smoked salmon differs based on branding. is the david burke lox better than the acme brand? i’m thinking it would be interesting to find out.

The other day we had the kids over for brunch, my wife spread scallion cc on a bagel and added lox. The use of flavored cc and lox was so alien to me I thought “that so wrong it should actually be traif” :grinning: But then one of my kid’s friends layered whitefish with lox, tomato and onion and I thought “hmm, that actually looks pretty good”.

As I started teasing this out I’ve come to realize there’s a big hole in my knowledge of appetizing. I’ve never had kippered salmon, sturgeon, sable or whitefish. Is one supposed to spread cc on a bagel and add one or more of these fish basically as a drop in for lox? And we ate a lot of wonderful herring when we lived in amsterdam but never thought about throwing it on a bagel. Is that a thing?


ps here’s a nyt video with melissa clark and one of the co-owners of r&d:

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