Accidentally OK food

I’m sure we’ve all stumbled into a place or two, expecting the worst, and found the food edible. This is about that – sort of.

(If the food is spectacular, or even really, really good, it deserves its own thread.)

i say “sort of” above because I’m not here to write about that, specifically (although you should), but about OK food stumbling to me:

The Watertown Frank Pepe offered me 50% off through DoorDash, and I was too weak to resist. When the food arrived it was not what I’d ordered, but instead a scorpion burger and a rigatoni from City Works. I contacted customer service, but (of course) it took forever, and I was eventually offered credit but no pizza --and told to eat the food I got.

The burger was actually quite good, and genuinely medium-rare as the label said, and the rigatoni somewhat superior (good texture to the pasta, solid sausage fragments). It was an unexpectedly decent – although different from pizza – meal.


I love this post! I’m going to ruminate on it and will surely think of some examples.

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