AbuQuir [Astoria, Queens, New York]

Arrived in Astoria and was going to go back to Hamido. But we were walking and the cold drove us to an alternative. We came across AbuQuir.

Our meal was super. We started with cuttlefish grilled w/seasoned olive oil. The cuttlefish was juicy and super fresh. We sopped up the olive oil qith the pita. Our sides were babaganough and eggplant in tomato, both garlicky and not too oily.

Next up were huge Nigerian shrimp and grilled sardines. I loved the sardines and Kay’s favorite was the shrimp. The sardines were grilled and topped with grain and finished in the oven. They got better as they cooled. The shrimp were huge and spendy ($35 for 2) but good.

I think the cooking was more careful here than at Astoria Seafood or Hamido. A huge lunch was $101 with a generous tip.

This is all that was left of the cuttlefish.



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