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So I want to post a topic about places to eat along I-5 and California 99. This is obviously both Northern California and Southern California. Would I post in both the NorCal and SoCal forums? Or just one post. Where’s the dividing line?

Anything north of Paso Robles/ Bakersfield is technically here. But nobody post on that board so I’d say just post here. Thanks!

How about the Owens Valley? It’s Northern CA in latitude, but SoCal in proximity (the Sierra Nevada is a formidable barrier to Bay Areans). I’d be inclined to make the cutoff the Inyo/San Bernardino County border, but I don’t know how others feel.

I missed this post. How about we put posts on counties north of San Luis Obispo, Kern, San Bernardino counties in this board? If we have any traffic in the SoCal board I think like you mentioned, it may make sense to put Mammoth and Inyo in Socal but since we don’t have a ton of traffic there, let’s keep them in Norcal for now.

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Works for me. If I find anything good on my Death Valley/Owens Valley road trip in late March, I’ll post it to this board.