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The home for discussion of all things culinary in the Garden State. Whether you’re looking for the greasiest spoon, the freshest fish, or that perfect tomato, this is where to talk about what’s on New Jersey’s best plates.

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I was a bit perplexed by this post, as I didn’t recall ever being asked to add the state. Just confirmed that New Topics (in NJ) pop with this:

Reminder: please include [City] in your post title above. If the topic is about a specific eatery, please click the ‘Add Location’ button to enter the address, so your topic shows up in the Topic Map.

So I’m tagging @hungryonion to ask if this is an error.

Don’t mess with NJ :grin:

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My mistake…but I will contact the overlords as well, because the state should absolutely be included, so, for example, the reader in NY’s capitol doesn’t get excited about the great new BBQ spot in Albany, GA.

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Every time I see the thread about Village Hummus in Menlo Park I think about taking a ride to Edison. Then I remember it’s in N Cal/Bay Area. Damn