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Italy, Spain, Portugal

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Thank you, thank you, thank you for making this Italy, Spain, Portugal forum. I hope that all the ex Chowhound folks will find their way here, especially my friend Erica.

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So glad to see you here Maribel! And glad to have a place to roam (Rome?). Okay, bad! Looking forward to seeing former Chowhounders too!

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Welcome all!

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Checking in after the demise of Chowhound, hoping that others who posted regularly there, especially on the subject of dining in Piemonte, will migrate with me.

So glad you’re here! I’ve lurked on Chowhound for years but have used your’s and other ‘hounders’ tips and advice numerous times which have absolutely MADE my trips to Piemonte! What an absolute tragedy that the wonderful resource of all those posts is no more😩 Hopefully with time this site might be able to compare with thanks to your efforts and others….

Thanks. As noted, I have encouraged others to participate as well. Our next trip to Piemonte is set for October.

P.S. The board needs a “Rest of Europe” category.

Benvenuto, Sr. Rodgers.