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Thank you, thank you, thank you for making this Italy, Spain, Portugal forum. I hope that all the ex Chowhound folks will find their way here, especially my friend Erica.


So glad to see you here Maribel! And glad to have a place to roam (Rome?). Okay, bad! Looking forward to seeing former Chowhounders too!

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Welcome all!

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Checking in after the demise of Chowhound, hoping that others who posted regularly there, especially on the subject of dining in Piemonte, will migrate with me.

So glad you’re here! I’ve lurked on Chowhound for years but have used your’s and other ‘hounders’ tips and advice numerous times which have absolutely MADE my trips to Piemonte! What an absolute tragedy that the wonderful resource of all those posts is no more😩 Hopefully with time this site might be able to compare with thanks to your efforts and others….

Thanks. As noted, I have encouraged others to participate as well. Our next trip to Piemonte is set for October.

P.S. The board needs a “Rest of Europe” category.

Benvenuto, Sr. Rodgers.

Just found this and some fellow chowhounders that I have loved following!
YAYYYY!!! Bring on our ISP group! We lived in Italy 2018-2020 and have loved traveling all the regions based on food/restaurant recommendations into the smallest villages! Here’s to our post-covid journeys and updates!

I am here now, so glad to find you and others! BTW we thoroughly enjoyed staying in Annunziata agrisuite in Oct. 2021 and dining, once again at Veglio…we apparently missed you by a week. Have enjoyed your wonderful recommendations over the years (since 2008 with Allende!) Just wanted to say Grazie mille.

Happy to see you here too Janguita, I recognize you from Chowhound days!

We will also be returning to Piemonte in October ~ mouth is watering already! Have missed our favorites (have not returned since Oct. 2021). My family is from Canavese area, in fact my grandfathers town is famous for their singular restaurant serving specialties of Porcini, only porcini at that time of year. We will make the pilgrimage! Do you have some post covid recommendations, as we know so much has changed…

Glad that you made it back to our favorite travel destination (save perhaps Vancouver which I’d rate a tie). Have the feeling that our next visit won’t be until 2024, so please do report on your food journey next fall.

I’m late to the party–just discovering this group now and recognize some names from CH, where I used to post as Lisaonthecape. We traded in our home on the Cape for an urban condo just outside of Boston, but we are about to make an even bigger move. After some difficult life circumstances, we decided to retire early and will be moving to Lucca this summer.

Hi LisaB, Like you a former Chowhounder - welcome to HO! We retired (ERV) to Lucca pre-covid, and loved living there - happy to share our love of the city and understand of the retired to Italy community with you. While circumstances have brought us back to Santa Barbara Ca. as our residency, we do spend about 4-5 months traveling Italy and in Lucca 2x annually. We love the CH exploration of great food/wine and local slow food experiences - have been doing so for the last 12 years…