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Chefs table bbq. Netflix

Miss Tootsie. We were to poor to go to town with five children. We made everything ourselves Awesome. I was shooting tears

Your memory strikes a current chord. Today, in possibly more affluent times, husband and I frequently wonder/worry/marvel how a family of, say, 5 to 7+ people can eat out. $14 for 2people at our favorite taco truck → a whopper tab for a carful.

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Living in the California, I am a direct witness to the phenomenon of cultural fusion between East and West. Asian restaurants and Asian communities have been active in greater Los Angeles, where I live, since the very beginning.


it’s only recently that diverse communities from all over Asia have become such a noticeable part of the SOCAL demographic–giving us a food scene from food in markets and grocery stores to restaurants of all types.

My own personal way of exploring this is through the cultural fusion I have developed in my kitchen in selecting Asian style and Asian made kitchen knives that work well in preparing our culturally evolving meals.

My most recent project has looked into the Japanese Deba knife as a fusion possibility for my home kitchen, replacing an American butcher knife I have been using for more than 30 years:

I plan to soon start a new project on another Deba that I am trying out with the collaboration of my Japanese collaborator, Dr. H.


Great to here all this

yes great to hear all of this