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Hooray! I found you guys…I see many of the familiar Chowhound folks on posts and am eager to start the discussions. What a relief…thanks to the organizer(s) for getting this offf the ground.


I am happy to have found this site. It’s beginning to feel like my favorite go-to neighborhood restuarant where all my old favorite customers are there for me to chat with while I dine.


Glad to see you here…I hope more of the CH regulars will follow.


Soo happy to find this site. And it works on my Blackberry, which the ‘new’ CH didn’t.

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Greetings All!
Great to see familiar names at this site, and thanks to the creator of the site… Read the name somewhere, but can’t remember.
Hope we can carry traditions onward.
Haven’t really explored yet, Suggestions so far?



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I’m happy to start contributing here, but something has to be done about these regional boards. Having Boston lumped with the rest of New England is going to make this unusable to me pretty darned fast.

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To make it more readable for now, it would be a huge help if everyone made a point of adding the location, e.g. city and state, they’re talking about in the subject of their post. All of the New England States have too many city names in common, so just putting, for example, Burlington somewhere in the post doesn’t help anyone trying to focus on their actual locale. “Not everyone is from Boston, John!” - Ben Franklin in “1776” :laughing:

Would appreciate a site for the cape, lower, mid and upper.
Thanks, Rich

What Morganna said!
Looking over the New England posts I see the same ol’, same ol’ that was on Chowhound; that Bostoners/Mass people think theirs is the only universe and make no distinction about where they are referring to. While I see some mentioning a city and state, there are so many that just leave a poor, transplanted Texan in Connecticut, guessing. To compound that, almost all New England states have tons of towns with the same name.
Could something to the effect of what Marganna and I have said be a prominent separate sticky?


There is a reminder when each person starts a new post on this board that they include the city and state.


Perhaps a new board for the rest of New England, since most of the posters on this board are Greater Boston centric?

I have tried to be diligent about city and neighborhood, but I’m probably not going to remember to include MA when I’m already specifying Back Bay or Harvard Sauare.