ABC Cafe and Restaurant closes; to be replaced by another Spicy King venture? [San Francisco]

It somehow escaped my notice, but the Hong Kong style ABC Cafe and Restaurant on Jackson Street closed on MaY 31. This came as a shock because ABC was the best of its type, IMHO.

According to Hoodlines, it will be replaced by Pot & Noodle, described as “a hot pot restaurant with a juice bar inside,” a concept whose time has come and gone, if you ask me. However, a little snooping reveals that Pot & Noodle is owned by Noodle King House (CA), a corporation headed by Wu Jiayi, a partner in Spicy King. The Spicy King mini-empire recently brought us Chongqing Xiao Mian, so perhaps all is not lost.

Place always looked busy! The one time I ate there, was for their advertised special - bone marrow fried rice - which was a dud. The bone marrow had been cooked into the texture and color of mediocre lengua - probably from over boiling and then pan frying, instead of being in that rich and unctuous state where the marrow is has started melting but not dissolved yet.

Closed? I wonder why, if its full all the time. Priced out of Chinatown?

Quite possibly. According to its last Yelp review, the closure was known in advance to its customers. A recent review of the Noriega branch mentioned it didn’t have a bakery section anymore.

Maybe they are concentrating on the San Mateo branch.

If that’s the case, the future doesn’t bode that great for the budget eateries in Chinatown. Chinatown won’t be what it is if its gentrified.

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