AB Inbev and SABMiller seal the deal . . . PLUS MolsonCoors buys . . .

(Jason Brandt Lewis) #1
  1. From the drinks business: The two biggest brewers in the world will merge as the terms of SABMiller’s £71 billion buyout by AB Inbev have been agreed, with the new beer giant to be named Newco.

  2. From the drinks business: US-based beer producer Molson Coors has confirmed that it is buying SABMiller’s stake in its joint MillerCoors business for $12 billion.


Is Sam Adams included in either of these deals? That’s my go-to domestic beer. I’d hate to see it change due to some cost cutting measure.

(Jason Brandt Lewis) #3

The Boston Brewing Co., aka “Sam Adams”, is owned by neither AB Inbev nor SABMiller. It is owned by the Boston Brewing Co.