AB Inbev and SABMiller seal the deal . . . PLUS MolsonCoors buys . . .

  1. From the drinks business: The two biggest brewers in the world will merge as the terms of SABMiller’s £71 billion buyout by AB Inbev have been agreed, with the new beer giant to be named Newco.

  2. From the drinks business: US-based beer producer Molson Coors has confirmed that it is buying SABMiller’s stake in its joint MillerCoors business for $12 billion.

Is Sam Adams included in either of these deals? That’s my go-to domestic beer. I’d hate to see it change due to some cost cutting measure.

The Boston Brewing Co., aka “Sam Adams”, is owned by neither AB Inbev nor SABMiller. It is owned by the Boston Brewing Co.