Aarzu Modern Indian Bistro Freehold


Aarzu only just joined Twitter; they weren’t on there when we had dinner there! I’m now following you back… :slight_smile:

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I did receive a notification that you’re now following me. :slight_smile:

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@RGR - So glad you enjoyed Aarzu! I’ve been back a few times including dinner last night and we just can’t get enough of the eggplant and lamb chops. We also love the biryani. Great write up and nice pics as usual.

@CurlzNJ - I told you it was dangerous for me to have such great food so close :yum:


@seal what time were you there? We also went last night around 8:30. Food was delicious, as usual. I find the service to be a bit spotty, but the food makes up for it. We didn’t order the lamb chops but they showed up to our table and we should have kept them!

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@seal, I appreciate your compliments! Though I agree the eggplant and lamb chops will be difficult to resist the next time we go, there are lots of other dishes we’re eager to try.

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We hadn’t been back to Aarzu since our first dinner in January. Finally went last night. We chose dishes we did not have the first time. All were stellar. The photo set can be viewed on my Flickr here.

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(Joon) #47

I think they’re doing a lunch buffet now and a weekend brunch or something. Would love to check that out!


Any time

(David) #49

Weekend brunch buffet is a steal at $13.95.

Weekdays for lunch they have unlimited thali but no buffet.


Kicked off my birthday with dinner last night at Aarzu. Again. Because as my friends reminded me, we were there last year as well! And damn if they don’t deliver every time. We were a big group (8) and my friends insisted I order the apps. We had:

-EGGPLANT CHAAT This is THE don’t-miss item at the restaurant, imo. The fact that it’s served on top of its own footstool is merely a bonus. Insane combo of flavors and textures, and I’m certain I could eat an entire one on my own.

-RAJ KACHORI CHAAT I chose this because the description was intriguing: Crispy flour sphere, tamarind, mint, yogurt, potatoes, green lentils. We referred to it as “the baseball” for the rest of the night. Another yummy mix of flavors, and although it wasn’t huge, we all were able to try some. Delicious and another beautiful presentation (also the only food pic I took!).


-CHICKEN KHEEMA GUJIYA The description: Indian spices, peas, minced chicken, avocado chutney. What came out? Indian empanadas! (And that’s NOT a complaint.) YUM.

-TANDOORI LAMB CHOPS I still say these are THE BEST lambchops I’ve ever had. Moist, tender, and with the mint chutney on top, I’m in heaven. Some day I’m going to have eggplant chaat and an order of these and that’ll be it. I’m sick of sharing. :slight_smile:

-LAMB ROGAN JOSH Fantastic rendition. Luckily it was ordered by the friend to my left, so I got to try some.

-PESHAWARI GOAT MASALA Ordered by the friend on my right (who doesn’t do much in terms of spice), this was another stunner. Not NOT spicy, but a different kind of heat, and he ate the entire thing (after letting me try it).

-I ordered BHOONA LAL MAAS, which is described as goat cooked in a special Rajasthani spice blend of fiery chilies. Yes, I read that description and ordered it anyway (I can do Szechuan heat, but generally not as much with other chili-related spice.) WOWSA, did I have a warm throat–but I didn’t care one bit. Still don’t. It was wonderful, and I plan on using some of the leftovers (the sauce, at least) on some wings in a bit. If you like heat and will eat goat, GET THIS.

Other dishes on the table were the TANDOORI SHRIMPS (sic) and ZAFRANI CHICKEN KORMA. I’m sure I missed another entree, but that’s 90% of them.

We shared 2 butter naan and 2 onion kulcha and that was plenty of bread in addition to the rice.

For dessert, I ordered the Orange rind kulfi with raspberry coulis (because I needed something COOL), and another friend ordered the Ccoconut phirni, malai amras, sesame chikki. I’m just going to say that this dessert was a WONDERFUL suprise in presentation and it tasted good, too.

I highly recommend you get to Aarzu if you haven’t already, and if you have, GO BACK. Every time I’m there I think I need to go more often!


The absolute best lamb chops I have eaten were in an Indian restaurant as well … absolutely mind bogglingly delicious in every way.

(Jeff) #52

Just returned from the Sunday Brunch Buffet at Aarzu. It was wonderful as always and at $13.95 a good value. My wife, daughter and I paid what one person would pay at “that place in Rumson” for significantly better quality food.

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And you didn’t have to listen to @seal !!!

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Proving once again that @BossaNova is the smartest HO I know.


Good stuff Jeff. If all goes as planned I will be there Tuesday night. It will be my first time so if you guys have any favorites, let me know. I hear about this lamb so I think I will have to at least get that. How many ribs do you get?

(Jeff) #56

As usual, you have said what I was too nice to say. This was the icing on the cake for a wonderful meal.

(Jeff) #57

If my memory is right, you get five single rib lamb chops.


Yes! 5 chops and iirc they’re $26–and worth every penny. Also get the eggplant chaat. LERD that’s delicious too…


Really like this place been there 4-5 times last 2 years for brunch buffet only. Great flavors, great service
excellent value . Would be there a lot more if I wasnt afraid of gaining a ton of weight!


That makes two of us! Every time I go I think “I should come here at least once a week…” I love the food, the presentation, and the service is always terrific. Granted, it’s not inexpensive a la carte, but that brunch is THE. BEST. BARGAIN. ever!!!