AARGH- WESTCHESTER.why do we settle for 2nd best

Being mobility challenged (disabled) means mostly going to the same places again and again,but today took the train to NYC and then went to urban vanderbilt. A fine selection, but as a traditionalist,went to Delaney chicken - Why can’t Westchester get and then support a place of this quality, so far superior to any place I’ve tried up here, (including several “upscale restaurants”). Yes expensive, but not out of line by any means. We already have plenty of pricey places that do not offer any improvement to the competing mediocre places.

Rich - forgive me, but I’m not familiar with these places? What is Urban Vanderbilt?


That looks great. I’m going to hit that next time I go into the city!

Delaney is fried chicken only, the menu,as i saw it only had sandwiches,but the ppl. in front of me got a box of chicken and when I inquired,they offered that too- I’d like to try the sandwich,but pcs. made for a better deal and it was gooood. I think the sandwiches can only be bought by credit cards (?) but i think they wanted cash for the pcs.,which is how i wanted to pay anyway- don’t forget to ask for hot sauce (although it is already a bit spicy). Makes me miss Poultry Time even more - no comparison,but was very convenient to me

The jian biang place is awesome. They have Chinese crepes. I had one with duck that I still fantasize about months later.

I saw jian bang and was very tempted,they were doing a good business

These are the type of quick serve NY city places that the Westchester mall is aiming to get,sadly the 3 that have opened are decidedly mediocre, yes Mighty Quinn is good bbq for this area,but no real competition. the other 2 places offer good (if pricey) mall food, but NONE of them can remotely be considered a destination,and I’m guessing that the Westchester is trying to make the food court a destination,as malls can no longer count on b&m stores to fill the building with shoppers. I’d say the new food court is an experiment (hope) for their long term well-being. The jury is still out ,but I think they definitely need even better restaurants,to make it work

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold

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