A wonderful birthday dinner at the Inn at Pound Ridge...

I was surprised with a birthday dinner at the Inn at Pound Ridge last night and it was wonderful! It has been on my list since it was opened almost two years ago by super chef/restaurateur Jean-Georges. The entry, dining room and lounge area give a feel of casual elegance with its reclaimed wood and soft lighting. Staff is dressed in checkered shirts and jeans. We shared a drink at the bar prior to being seated, our choice, just so we could soak in the atmosphere. I can recommend the Six Point Sweet Action beer from Brooklyn. Just the amber beverage I was looking for.
We scored a wonderful corner table with a full view of the dining room. It was not too crowded early on this lovely Tuesday evening. The staff were very patient and encouraging keeping an eye on us the whole time. We were served a delicious bread and infused olive oil.
For starters: we shared Asparagus Salad with a bleu cheese dressing, bacon and dill. It was mind blowing! As we took our first bite we looked up at each other sensing each other’s pleasure. A touch of spice was in there too, just enough. For main courses we had the Lamb Chops served with tender broccoli rabe, and an awesome double-cut Berkshire Pork Chop wrapped in prosciutto served with wild mushrooms. Incredible flavor in both dishes as we shared forkfuls. Just wish there was one more lamb chop on my plate. We bagged half the pork chop for take home. No, they did not bring the leftover bag and plop in on the table as most restaurants do, they gave us a numbered ticket to be reclaimed when we left, like a valet would. Wonderful amenity.
For dessert we went simple with two scoops of house made ice cream: mint chocolate chip and salted caramel. A fine finish.
We decided that we would return at some point just to hang in the bar/lounge, perhaps take in one of their pizzas or a burger…


Sounds like a great meal! Thanks for posting. I’ve been meaning to get up there but it’s a schlep from Ossining. Maybe this summer!

Glad you enjoyed. I went when it first opened and was underwhelmed - except for the beauty of the place. I’ll have to give it another shot!

I never rush to a new restaurant. I may take a peak over a cocktail, but I usually like to let the restaurant sort itself out before dipping in. In the case of Inn at Pound Ridge, I heard that it went thru the same difficulties most restos go thru in its early stages despite having a pedigree ownership.
Based on my experience this past week, it certainly has gained its footage both in front and back of the house. It was a great experience for the eye and the palate…

Very wise! There were many problems at that time - our friends waited for,their car for 45 minutes! We will try it again soon.

gutreactions, how are prices?

They are upscale, but also have burgers and pizza on the menu. Even those are a bit pricey. You can check them out online…


They have parking but it’s valet, so not really free!!!

I’m okay with valet, Gwenn, it’s meters I loathe and despise. Go figure, I never said I made sense. :grin:

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