A Weird but Good Steak Place in Palm Coast. FL

Last night a couple of us went to a strange place. It’s called Tomahawk Tavern. Why? Because you can throw axes there! It’s wild. The place is tucked in the back of a trailer park and looks like it’s deep in the woods. But… they have really good steaks! First off, DH ordered a margarita and asked what kinds of tequila they have. List was Cuervo,1800 and…Casamigos! Hi end tequila. Then DH had a tomahawk rib eye that was perfectly cooked and so delicious. Another person had a filet that was, again, perfectly seasoned and perfectly cooked. Mine was nothing special. I had a burger that was supposed to be on a brioch bun but was on a Kaiser. But, all I really wanted were the fries anyway, so those were great. We will go back.


So did you throw any axes? Maybe it’s just me, but it seems like combining axe-throwing with alcohol isn’t the best idea!

No we didn’t throw. I’m dangerous and would likely chop off a foot. Agreed! Alcohol and axes, bad


Outstanding. We’d likely bog down after the loaded steak and fries and fried pickles:

I didn’t go for fried pickles, but the housemates were excellent

My daughter’s craft beer bar had axe throwing at their recent anniversary celebration. The throwing went on inside a ‘cage’ on a trailer parked behind the bar. There was a fairly lengthy release form to sign before throwing.

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Probably similar to mechanical bull release:

Must be a Florida thing…there are a.few breweries around that have axe throwing

My daughter’s was in NorCal (East Bay). There were also two throwers in the cage at the same time. A bit scary.

Axe throwing from “Three Dumb Guys”??? Ummmmmmm!