A weekend in San Antonio Texas

My first search was for the good barbecue that Texas is famous for. Lunch at Pinkertons included tender, smoky brisket that I had been looking for though the sides were not well-made. The previous night I had good pulled pork at shake shack, but a very disappointing Paul crib that was sweet, tough and I don’t think had seen a smoker.

Today I went in a different direction and found Shifu
noodles, a little place in the shopping center that had spicy, authentic Dan Dan noodles that made my mouth smile, specially when I had it sweet and spicy peanuts for some crunch. If you are in San Antonio I highly recommend this unpretentious place, With several Szechuan pepper spiced dishes.

So you know, we have a Texas category and a barbecue category too.
Welcome to our little corner of the internet.


NYC shake shack has pulled pork in San Antonio? And what there was disappointing? I need the translation for Paul crib.

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pork rib?

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Could be, but I don’t think either are from Shake Shack.

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I suspect they meant Smoke Shack. I’ve never been, but it shows up on a list of best pulled pork in San Antonio. That place also sells individulal ribs for $3.25. The picture shows ribs with a fair amount of bark, but I’d never trust a website photo.