A Turkey Day poll: Do you think such a free APP is useful to you?

The background: at the beginning of this post, An Area with Lots of Good Restaurants and Hotels in Walking Distance?

The demo app: https://www.fishfly.club/w2/ . You may get no restaurant in the search result because there aren’t many recs in the database, but you get the concept.

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Thanks…giving your vote in advance! Best wishes!

I’m old. And gadget shy. Or, perhaps gadget resistant. So if I were part of a demographic, it really wouldn’t matter much to you, what I thought, in achieving your objective with this app.

What does this offer that Yelp does not?

I read the original thread. I still don’t get the concept or why I would pay for it.
And I can’t change the distance involved?
This is all big city/densely populated stuff and so it seems self limiting as far as how useful it is. Not bad, just puzzling.

If I was on vacation, I might also want to search for breakfast, and I’d want to see all cuisines at once so I’d know what my options were, rather than picking a cuisine to search for.


The demo won’t allow to search before hand if you weren’t in the city.

You can’t plan your meals, some restaurants need reservations.

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@RedJim, Thanks for your participation!

@small_h, Many I think. Just please keep reading:)

@bbqboy, Thanks for your time! The walking distance search (good for metro areas) is free though the city search (designed mainly for the wide rural areas) is very slightly tipped. At the beginning I don’t think there will be many recs (by knowledgeable locals, the key point!) to show within a walking distance of half a mile. But it certainly can be designed sorting by closer distances if situation changes. Thanks in advance for every input here to make it less puzzling.

@Babette, Thanks for your good points! The demo is to keep things simple, but in the full version
breakfasts, brunches are also searchable and there is an “any cuisine” choice in the cuisine list.

@naf, very good idea! I’ll work on allowing members to input an address to search around it within still walking distance.


I’m not against the idea. I’ve downloaded 2 food apps hoping they’d have useful stuff, but both fail, albeit in different ways.
Check out eatOkra, a soul food locator, and tap for tacos , for Mexican food and I’d be interested in what you think.
eatOkra locates nothing and Tap for Tacos just googles and links to yelp. Not any use to me.

Thank you for sharing the information!

I didn’t find Tap for Tacos online. EatOkra looks beautiful and has media coverage, only time can tell how far it can go following Yelp’s model (website personnel and business owners list the entries). Best wishes to both apps anyway as they are trying to help customers find food quick too!

I live in a very small town. I know that there’s nothing within walking distance.

But I go into any of several cities (of varying sizes) with friends very regularly. When we are going the city for dinner, we aren’t going to find a parking place and then find a place to eat…we’re going to choose a restaurant and park accordingly, or we’re attending a performance and need to choose something reasonably close to the venue.

We usually use Open Table because we can do all of this, AND make a reservation, in one app that allows us to set a different location.

I use more and more online reservation too, even for cheaper places, if they allow that. (Really dislike queuing) In Europe there is The Fork. Open Table is coming around too.


Per @naf and @Sunshine842 's suggestion, I’ve added a section allowing users to input an address. Please check it out here, https://www.fishfly.club/w2Demo/. Since @mariacarmen has introduced many great restaurants in her neighborhood, which have been loaded into the database, please use any address in her Mission District, San Francisco to give it a try.

So, I reopen the poll below, but the question is slightly changed:

Do you think this APP can be useful to you if it gets to critical mass on restaurant recs?

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Thanks in advance for your voting!

When will I be able to see the review? Since the prototype is too simple and looks like something from the early www (need to be realistic enough even for prototype, I think), the search result should showing the name of restaurant with the name of the critic. Just the name of the critic is not convincing.

I think you’re too far behind the curve on this one. With Yelp, Google, The Fork, Open Table, Trip advisor (which I hate but it has to be included), and even Waze, there are so many other restaurant finding apps out there that yours will have to be truly amazing (functionality, etc) to scratch out a foothold.

Maybe start small. Find ONE metro and make it work. Then expand from there

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I forgot to point out earlier that the proposed app is total different to other food sites: while all others are business-centered (restaurant reps list the places first then customers like us follow with reviews; and restaurants benefit with more sales while reviewers are paid nothing), this app is customers-centered: you as a customer list your favorite restaurants (your listings are your reviews, you don’t actually write a review) and you are paid by all the users who select your recs. It’s a kind like airbnb but renting your food experience instead of rooms.

< all others are business-centered (restaurant reps list the places… >

That’s not true. A lot of Yelp listings are posted by the first person to review a place. You can tell because Yelp offers the option for owners or representatives to “claim” a business. An unclaimed listing indicates that the owner/rep hasn’t had any input (yet).

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Thank you very much for keeping reading:) and making my lines more complete/accurate!

The idea in the proposed app is to “blaze trails” to get food enthusiasts paid for their sharing efforts. Truly thank you all for contributing on this!

Thanks for the criticizing! There’s definitely room to improve. But at the beginning the app is mainly designed for smartphone users while not forcing out pc users.

Very good suggestion! Thanks for encouraging! Maybe in the Sunshine state? :slight_smile:

The other thing is to find some way to value someone’s opinion.

I know people whose restaurant recommendations I would follow in a heartbeat, and others who think Applebees is fine dining. You need a way to separate those.


Good point!

At the software level, there are algorithms like a voting machine and feedback system already incorporated in so off-target inputs won’t affect or hold position for long. At the management level, there will be “Area Coordinators” who are responsible for valuing the regional inputs.

I guess the fundamental is, like each of CH, FTC and HO did at their beginning, how to get high-quality reviewers (guides in my case). Please feel free to chip in on this, everyone!