A Teeny Tiny San Diego Trip Report

Our long weekend in San Diego was the antithesis of a foodie vacation. It was more about a weather break while enjoying the company of good friends from N Carolina.
Food was about expediency and drinks & cocktails were mainly DIY around the gorgeous grounds, pool area and fire pit seating. Chatted up interesting people too!

However, can recommend In N Out Burgers (always) as well as a resto named Ketch on Shelter Island. We shared a number of items, all appetizers. The stand out was Brussels sprouts with linguica and almonds, but everything was delicious. The other meals out were decent to good, but nothing outstanding. No pics, too busy enjoying.


Good ol’ San Diego. Hard to have a bad time. Which gorgeous grounds? I’ve never been to Shelter Island, but maybe saw a movie. I think the movie was the one in New York.

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Yes, always hard to have a bad time in SD! We love Humphrey’s Half Moon Resort, nothing real fancy but beautifully landscaped with a laid back retro tiki vibe. :last_quarter_moon::moyai::tropical_drink::palm_tree: