A Taste of Westchester at WCC

I actually saw that someone brought this up on “another” site but thought it was worth a mention. I met Donna Monaco, who runs these classes at Locali on a couple of occasions and it sounds great. Classes are given at many different local restaurants and at Zwilling.


I had been aware of the WCC classes and had posted about separate classes offered by Zwilling in that “other” board. It was my understanding (from previous classes) that the WCC classes were demonstration only but I see that their website says that some are hands-on.

The WCC program page claims that classes are $20 each plus a “sampling fee” of $20-25 payable in cash. I thought that they were much more than that so I wonder if that is a mistake. If they are actually $20 then it’s an excellent deal, especially for the hands-on classes. You have to call to register, so no way to verify the prices at the moment.

The classes that Zwilling offers themselves are definitely hands-on (and $90+). I just started a new thread to discuss that one here. Interesting that WCC is also offering classes at Zwilling at a much lower price (assuming the $20 price is correct).

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