A Sweet Potato vodka --- from Houston

I’ve been working more sweet potato into my diet for several years. After growing up detesting the gloppy, too-sweet T-Giving and Xmas casserole (‘You have to try at least one serving, Bruce.’ Actually, my mom said that to everybody at the table except dad; he knew better than to wait to be told to eat some), it was years before I was willing to give it a chance. Now, I have SPs on hand most of the time.

So here’s another way to work some more SP into my diet :innocent:


I too avoid sweet potato/yam. At one time, I tried to work some in using the baked potato method with lots of butter. Nope, I just can’t. There are very few things I don’t like, add liver and beets to this list and it’s complete.

But I’d go for that vodka. :smile:


Me too. I made a note to follow up on that. Don’t know haw to work the emojis yet.


we have the usual “holiday” sweet potato dishes, but for everyday my fav is:
boiled - that’s it.
trim off the ends
boil in unsalted water - takes 45-60 minutes depending on size
when “fork tender” remove, allow to cool slightly
skin peels off veddy easily.

served “as is” or with butter

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Easy and quick to micro, too.

@Lambowner, @wifacita

As far as I am concerned, substituting boniato is not cheating. And I am unanimous in this!

I’ve gotten it at HEB. Surely Fiesta has it. Gets you away from the orange fleshed sweet potatoes which evoke such throat clutching horror.

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