A Squandered Oyster Season - Houston Gulf Coast

I’ve had a hard time finding reasonable oyster prices and have failed to consume a respectable amount this year. Time’s awastin’.

Can someone point me to 1/2 shell deals in town? The Pappas Seafoods used to have specials in years past, but I don’t see that anymore.

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It seems that a very important member of our little troupe has gone AWOL.

HEY J.C.!!! Wake the hell up!

In the meantime, I can recall only one oyster special I’ve seen advertised and it’s been a couple of weeks. And it didn’t seem all that special. And I don’t remember where it was.

I did a little research and here’s what I was able to find out locally:

Gulf Coast $19.85/dz (WOW!)
Blue Point $22.95/dz

Bayou City

Ragin Cajun

Tony Mandolas
$1/ea Happy Hour

Liberty Kitchen
Gulf $18/dz
East Coast $29/dz

(I quit there - just too depressing)

Side note: A couple of years before Harvey, Pappadeaux’s near Kirkwood had a Tuesday Oyster Special that was $3/dz. Yes, that says Three Dollars a Dozen. And they were really good.

But $15 to $20 a dozen. Yikes! No wonder JC is hiding.

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These prices are insane. We will never go back to the $6/doz specials if people are paying this. A’bouzy still has .50 oysters at lunch on Mondays as far as I know, that’s up from .25 last year though. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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You got it pal. Your football team happily plays in second rate bowls and Baylor is number one in college basketball.


Anyway, we went to Bayou City a few weeks back and among other things I ordered a dozen and they were so good I ordered another.

I didn’t ask about price but it was, drumroll please, 15.99 each.


I’ve been to Captain Benny’s twice this year and the first dozen was good but the second great at 12.99 each.

The cat is out of the bag on oyster and crawfish prices and he can’t be put back in. I now consider them splurge items. It’s a good thing I don’t eat as much anymore. The fellas and I would OPEN with up to six dozen oysters each or five pounds of crawfish. No Mas.


Forgot. We’re looking at Bayou City Sunday afternoon if any of you crazy mixed up kids want to join us.

I would love to but will be out of town. Three day weekend at all!

I had these today at lunch at Christian’s Tailgate, Heights. They were not great. The “foot” muscle was extra tough and chewy. They were too dry and a tad fishy. And apparently .50/dozen adds up to $13.

I’m with JC, the glory days are gone for good.

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I say we buy a sack of oysters and 40 pounds of crawfish and destroy Doobs’ backyard.

Cost effective eating.


I like it! I’ve never opened an oyster tho so can y’all handle the sack you-selves?

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I’ll shuck 'em if you’ll eat 'em.

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I’d love to host, but we’re deed restricted against it.

The bylaws state “Sec 3, a) Under no circumstances will any homeowner host or allow to be hosted any dinner, supper or feast of any kind attended by three or more of any of the following classes, in any combination, whether together or singularly to wit: ruffians, wastrels, charlatans, immodest women or other ne’er-do-wells of any degree or manner.”


However, I know for a fact that Spring Branch has no such restrictions!



I’d offer. But I’m sure none o’ you Inner Loopers would care to trek the light years west to Katy.


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This guy is thinking outside the box to replace income. I’ve never shucked an oyster, but I may need to some day! I saw him on a local oyster group.


Being a train and oyster nut this hits home. I’ve got a couple of railroad spikes that were ripped up from tracks at least fifty years ago. I saw five good trains today, three on Hempstead and two off Washington. Am I wrong to drive around looking at trains social distancing in my car?

Those spike/shuckers look interesting.

I use the standard blunt end oyster knife with the white plastic handle.

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I don’t suggest it. Shucking oysters is a mess even if you go to HEB and buy a dozen Malpeques, and two or three will be virtually impossible to open assuming the fact you know which ones to select. You need a gardening glove and a towel and there will be a mess of shells leftover.

I do know a recently retired swell guy that is willing to drive to Seabrook and buy, shuck, and deliver plus clean up mostly all at competitive prices of course.


What? I love to shuck! I’m not that great at I it, but it’s still pretty satisfying, and a good use of my time! It does leave a bit of a mess, but nothing I can’t deal with.


I was just giving Lambsy a heads up. I’m a shucker from my teens and twenties when the fellas and I would buy a big sack of Galveston Bay oysters shuck, eat raw, fry, and repeat. I still shuck a few.


I’m not known for my dexterity. I used my mandolin once, and it’s been in the closet since.


I came upon this bit of nostalgia

The last dozen I shared was at Liberty Kitchen, now under new ownership. It had a flame in the middle for the price.

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