A short food tour of Park City, UT

The regional tags are not so helpful when you’re not in major urban areas. The Mountain West should get something better than the rest of the world so I am putting this in the Midwest since at least west is in the title.

We have been coming to Park City for many years. Long before the billionaires showed up. The food in a small town is varied and good. Lots of options from low to high.

For a quick relatively cheap lunch after we arrive, I like to go to Slapfish in Kimball Junction. Really fresh food that’s leagues better than a fast food burger.

Salad with grilled mahi mahi.

Clam chowder of a supposed New England variety. Not close to what we get in NE but very nice still.

Grilled cheese and lobster.

Not too shabby for a quick 20 minute lunch. Wish we had these in NYC.

Had a very nice dinner Sunday at Courchevel in Old Town. Probably one of the nicest places in town. I had tartiflette to start. Oh so good but heavy. Cheese, lardons and potatos. Nice they gave me a little salad to balance it. This could have been a meal on its own. As I was pacing myself only had half.

My much smarter wife went with the Bibb salad with smoked trout.

For the mains my lovely wife order the roast poulet rouge. Supposed to be a thinner skinned tender variety of chicken.

I went with venison. Might be one of the best version of venison I have ever had.

For dinner we split a creme brûlée and could barely finish it.

From a NYC point of view, a fantastic meal on par with everything short of the tippy top at a price that was stunningly cheap. All in with a bottle of wine and tip at around $200.

After a meal like that well you need to burn off a few -

Might not be any snow in NYC but here there’s plenty

In the middle of town not far from the town lift is High West. Amazing story about a guy that wanted to make whiskey who create then a brand. Along the way he opens a fabulous restaurant. So I ski down the town run trails, pop off the skis and walk across the street for lunch.

Can a place look cooler than this for a mid day lunch break while skiing?

I ordered my usual chicken wings. Sticky and gooey. You can see what my impatient wife thinks of me taking pictures of the food.

I had carnitas taco. Three overstuffed tacos. Could barely finish it.

The wife again being healthier than me went with the mushroom ragu.

The cocktail in front is a boulevardier made with their own bourbon. I love boulevardiers but seldom order them as I fear it will make me sound like the pompous a$$ I am. I am fond of this place as its one of their specialty cocktails. In a place where people are wearing cowboy hats. So marvelous.

For a light lunch, right by a grocery store you find 5 seeds. It’s owned by an Aussie so they make great flat whites along with a far ranging menu that traipses around cuisines.

Hotcake buried under fruit and mascarpone for the wife

Ahi poke for me. Finally going light as I have been eating too much.

A regular problem I have is remembering to take a picture after I have started eating. That’s just a small sample of what the Wasatch mountains has in store. Who needs either coast?


I LOL’d in my office reading this part - yes, I saw it right away. :rofl: Great reviews. I’ll never make it to Park City, but the food looks amazing!


To me, the fork guarding her mushroom ragu pasta was more scary. And I would’ve done the same thing but it’s usually me taking food photos when we travel. Spring Onion and B are patient because they take the scenery photos which requires A LOT of takes.

ETA: We may go to Utah in the near future, but only to transit to Idaho.


Thanks for expanding the geographic range of MW. Also saw my Caribbean posts got moved.

Haha. I think the fork placement was more random than intentional.

Are you heading to Boise? I’ve done some business there and the flights from NYC usually connect through SLC. If you are a skier it’s worth a brief detour as there are several mountains within 45 minutes of the airport. I don’t think there is another airport in the world that boasts as many world class ski areas within such a short drive.

I’m not a skier (joint problems) but I have close friends from grad school who live in SLC and I’ve visited many times over decades. Some trips with overnights in the summer to Park City (first way back in 1982), some just going to dinner or lunch in Park City from SLC and watching the skiers come down almost right into your table (it’s not a long drive from SLC), and several trips that eventually covered all the magnificent national parks. The good food and alcohol have improved all over the state in the last couple of decades. The scenery is just incredible and you don’t have to ski to really, really enjoy it.

I hope to go back soon when our son can tolerate the plane trip, so thanks for the suggestion. The food looks great!