A Salute on Main (Matawan)

Located in the former 1850s church that was once home to the long-time restaurant Bart’s.

The pros: ambience and history. Nice bar area, dimly lit with small lamps every few feet. Fine dining area in the back. Service friendly and attentive.

The cons: everything else? We had two drinks each and shared two apps, so not a huge sampling. But what we had was Mediocre, yes, with a capital M. The calamari came either marinara or tossed in sweet Thai chili sauce. We chose the latter. Arrived barely lukewarm. Like fried two hours ago and placed under a heat lamp warm. Decent portion, I’ll give them that. Calamari was your standard Sysco frozen, from bag to fryer. Boring bland sauce, also not homemade. $22. Meatballs were below average. I mean, for an Italian restaurant. They also did not appear homemade. The interior was so tightly compacted that they resembled meatballs from my food service days (also Sysco) which came frozen and had to be thawed. If they were actually homemade then they need a new chef. Also lukewarm. As for the sauce, Justin thought it tasted like Chef Boyardee. For me, if there were jars of Prego in the back, I would not have been surprised. $16. My martini was good but for $15, they could not fill the glass all the way. His wine was $12 which is pretty standard for “house” Pinot Grigio.

Overall, I heard so many great things about this place but the two dishes we had bore no resemblance to anything that could possibly be positive. For a semi-busy Friday night, for food to taste like it was sitting around for hours, not good. $100 bill on the dot plus $4 for credit card fee because everyone is doing that now.

Decent menu selection with some interesting pizza ideas but we passed.


And I’ll add this as a separate post/thought: anyone that has known me may remember my pre-Covid shutdown days of tearing through restaurants and reviewing them by the hundred. During Covid, we learned to cook better than we had before. This has carried over and we go out maybe 10% of what we used to. Food like this just reinforces my mindset that yes, of course its nice to have a night out, there is hardly anything most competent or better than competent home cooks cannot make better than a majority of restaurants. I’ve had better food at divebars. Sad.


Thanks for the review
It was on my radar but it is now gone away
No room for mediocre food in my life


I went here once. It was poor to mediocre at best. The building is the best part.